[ENG Subtitles] Paraguay’s first freely elected president, Juan Carlos Wasmosy, «In his own words» documentary.

After being trained as a civil engineer and becoming head of the Paraguayan consortium working on the Itaipu Dam , Juan Carlos Wasmosy was endorsed by President Rodriguez as his successor in the 1993 elections. He won with approximately 40 percent of the vote in what is generally acknowledged to be the first honest election in the country’s history. What where the challenges he faced once he assumed precidency? What where the most sensitive decisions he took? To learn more, click in the video below.

[ENG Subtitles] Proyecto Documental «En sus propias palabras» – Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Paraguay 2022

President Juan Carlos Wamsosy is member of the Colorado Party, and the country’s first freely elected president, as well as the first civilian president in 3…

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